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Kitpas 1pc pack / refill / block
New writing material which produces no dust
Bright and easy-to-see colors
Soft and comfortable writing
*not applicable for blackboards

Kitpas 1pc pack (including holder)
Holder keeps your fingers clean

Kitpas 1pc pack

Kitpas refills 2pc set
Easy to install just by attaching cartridge keeping your fingers clean
2pcs refill set is the same price as 1 kitpas pen (150yen).

Kitpas refills

Kitpas Block 8 colors
Kitpas Block is a square block version of Kitpas,
good for writing on the display boards at Shops or
for painting, suitable for writing bold letters or
coloring in.

Kitpas block

* Kitpas (eco-friendly solid marker) Features
- Produces no dust
The product is a solid marker which produces no dust as you write or erase.
You can always enjoy clean and comfortable usage.
Best fits with environment which is sensitive to dust or needs to be kept hygiene, e.g. OA machine room or food-related place.
- Economical!
It lasts 2-3 times more than normal markers, and refill is only 75yen/piece.
You do not need to worry about dehydration of ink from forgetting to close cap.
- No volatile aroma!
Since it is a solid marker, the product does not have ink smell like whiteboard marker.
You do not need to worry about forgetting about closing cap because it does not volatile.
- Same color strength from start to finish
You can enjoy clear colors of same strength without getting weak as you may experience with ink markers.
- Eco-friendly
Can minimize quantity of refuse, as it only uses refill marker in the holder.

* Kitpas is applicable with specialized board and cleaner (cloth).

* Applicable for whiteboards and glass windows. If it is smooth surface window or whiteboard, you can use wet cloths or specialized cleaner to wipe out.

Kitpas 1pc pack

4904085310114 KP-W Kitpas 1pc pack White W40×D155×H13mm 10g
4904085310121 KP-R Kitpas 1pc pack Red W40×D155×H13mm 10g
4904085310138 KP-Y Kitpas 1pc pack Yellow W40×D155×H13mm 10g
4904085310145 KP-BU Kitpas 1pc pack Blue W40×D155×H13mm 10g
4904085310152 KP-G Kitpas 1pc pack Green W40×D155×H13mm 10g
4904085310169 KP-RG Kitpas 1pc pack Orange W40×D155×H13mm 10g
4904085310176 KP-YG Kitpas 1pc pack Yellow Green W40×D155×H13mm 10g
4904085310183 KP-BK Kitpas 1pc pack Black W40×D155×H13mm 10g
4904085310190 KP-P Kitpas 1pc pack Pink W40×D155×H13mm 10g
4904085310213 KP-NB Kitpas 1pc pack Navy W40×D155×H13mm 10g
4904085310220 KP-LB Kitpas 1pc pack Light Blue W40×D155×H13mm 10g
4904085310237 KP-V Kitpas 1pc pack Violet W40×D155×H13mm 10g

Kitpas refills 2cp set

4904085311210 KH-W Kitpas refills 2cp set White W50×D155×H11mm 15g
4904085311227 KH-R Kitpas refills 2cp set Red W50×D155×H11mm 15g
4904085311234 KH-Y Kitpas refills 2cp set Yellow W50×D155×H11mm 15g
4904085311241 KH-BU Kitpas refills 2cp set Blue W50×D155×H11mm 15g
4904085311258 KH-G Kitpas refills 2cp set Green W50×D155×H11mm 15g
4904085311265 KH-RG Kitpas refills 2cp set Orange W50×D155×H11mm 15g
4904085311272 KH-YG Kitpas refills 2cp set Yellow Green W50×D155×H11mm 15g
4904085311289 KH-BK Kitpas refills 2cp set Black W50×D155×H11mm 15g
4904085311296 KH-P Kitpas refills 2cp set Pink W50×D155×H11mm 15g
4904085311319 KH-NB Kitpas refills 2cp set Navy W50×D155×H11mm 15g
4904085311326 KH-LB Kitpas refills 2cp set Light Blue W50×D155×H11mm 15g
4904085311333 KH-V Kitpas refills 2cp set Violet W50×D155×H11mm 15g

Kitpas Block 8 colors

4904085315812 KB-8C Kitpas Block 8 colors W118×D127×H18mm 160g