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Dustless Chalk 72pcs / 6pcs
Writes well and clear on the blackboard
Feels soft and smooth
Made from calcium carbonate
Compliant item for the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing Compliant item for the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing
*Dustless Chalk wins the SustainAbility: design for a better world at NY NOW Summer 2016 Market
Dustless Chalk
Dustless Chalk 6pcs

Dustless Chalk - enjoy our basic, reliable product that is gentle to your body and light touch to your finger.
- Safe: made mainly from calcium carbonate which is also used for toothpaste.
- Heavy particle prevents its powder to fly apart to mess your room or clothes.
- Clear: homogeneously-mixed particle allows clear writing without smear or graze.
- Soft and Smooth touch allows longtime use without fatigue.
- Lasts twice as long as gypsum chalks thanks to lower wear factor.
- Coated body keeps your hand clean.

* Dustless Chalk is selected as compliant item for the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing.
* Product renewed! All of our Dustless Chalk (calcium carbonate chalk) products use scallop seashells.
(since 1 August 2005)

+ Main ingredient: calcium carbonate

4904085111711 DCC-72-W Dustless Chalk 72pcs White W165×D70×H75mm 800g
4904085111728 DCC-72-R Dustless Chalk 72pcs Red W165×D70×H75mm 800g
4904085111735 DCC-72-Y Dustless Chalk 72pcs Yellow W165×D70×H75mm 800g
4904085111742 DCC-72-BU Dustless Chalk 72pcs Blue W165×D70×H75mm 800g
4904085111759 DCC-72-G Dustless Chalk 72pcs Green W165×D70×H75mm 800g
4904085111780 DCC-72-6C Dustless Chalk 72pcs 6Colors
Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Brown,Violet 12pcs
W165×D70×H75mm 800g
4904085111612 DCC-6-W Dustless Chalk 6pcs White W98×D112×H14mm 75g
4904085111629 DCC-6-R Dustless Chalk 6pcs Red W98×D112×H14mm 75g
4904085111636 DCC-6-Y Dustless Chalk 6pcs Yellow W98×D112×H14mm 75g
4904085111643 DCC-6-BU Dustless Chalk 6pcs Blue W98×D112×H14mm 75g
4904085111650 DCC-6-G Dustless Chalk 6pcs Green W98×D112×H14mm 75g
4904085111681 DCC-6-6C Dustless Chalk 6pcs 6Colors W98×D112×H14mm 75g
4904085111698 DCC-6-3C Dustless Chalk 6pcs 3Colors W98×D112×H14mm 75g

+ Eco-friendly package
Dustless Chalk 72pcs box: coated cardboard (contains more than 90% recycled paper)
Dustless Chalk 72pcs divider: PET resin (contains more than 100% recycled material)
Dustless Chalk 6pcs case: PET resin (contains more than 50% recycled material)