Nihon Rikagaku Industry co.,ltd.

[Kawasaki Factory]2-15-10 Kuji, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki city, Kanagawa 213-0032 [Bibai Factory]3-2-10 Tomeinijo, Bibai city, Hokkaido 072-0804

We aim to be an insatiably-ambitious developer of the products which is good for the society and environment, to produce in a safe and secure way.

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We create work environment where each of employees can show their ability to the full, by improving tasks to meet with each of their understanding levels.

More than 70% of our employees are with intellectual disabilities (63 out of all 90 employees, as of February 2022). We improve work method so that the employees with disabilities can perform their work with their existing abilities.>> Read More


Dustless chalk

Writes well and clear on the blackboard
Feels soft and smooth
Made from calcium carbonate
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New writing material which produces no dust
Bright and easy-to-see colors
Soft and comfortable writing
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Tsumiki (Chalk Building Blocks)

Anti Slip Band For Snowy Roads "Koro-Band"
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           ●Dustless Chalk wins the SustainAbility: design for a better
             world at NY NOW Summer 2016 Market